Dev Log

Totally rethinking the world layout. Paused development for a few months.

Making progress displacing the landscape. Got a new graphics card. The old one wouldn't displace nanite. Working on layering objects on the ground. Made and started streaming development.

Still obsessing over developing the landscape to the next level. Want to add details like skulls and bones and cassette tapes, etc... Also developing a root motion locomotion system. Have to study the Unreal thread safe function. Listening to Thomas Brush and Pirate Games Thor for inspiration.

Created game font.

Created Reddit, YouTube, Discord and Steam accounts. Began setting up the Steam store. Made website responsive for smart phones. Added social icons menu to website. Branded website footer.

Redesigned landscape to run at 120 fps. Researching behavior tree theory to begin development of the dialog system and npc behavior. Developed the sky sphere with volumetric clouds. The sky sphere will continue to evolve over time and probably forever. Wrote the marketing copy and conceptualized the storyboard.

Working on building up the sides of the island as geometry. Added some ambient wind sound that gets louder as you gain elevation. Added footsteps and a primitive character to replace the template mannequin. Beginning development of the animation of the main character.

Landscape update. Have the landscape material in a place I'm happy with. Next step is to build out the bottom of the island and the rim along the edge.
08.12.23... later that morning...

Created instagram and twitter (X) accounts for anobeGames!

Have been working on the landscape and learning general Unreal Engine processes. No progress on the social media accounts. Made an initial logo for The Filth Tower. Took a bunch of photos of clouds to build the sky box.

Some of Hadrian's amazing artwork for his cancelled fan rewrite of episode 4 of Murder Drones. See more of his work at

Created the development log. Created this zombie.
Building a single player RPG using Unreal Engine. Here is the landscape in early development.
Welcome to We are currently developing a single player RPG named The Filth Tower using Unreal Engine.

To do: Set up social media accounts to promote Developer Log... Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, Sina Weibo and an email newsletter.

The plan is to first create the top and bottom landscapes. The world is an island floating in an endless sky. Need to develop the NPC interaction system and basic audio... footsteps and ambient sound to create the sense of a real world/game.